Mobile Wallet

Add your FM BANK Debit Card to your Mobile Wallet on your phone. You can use your mobile wallet debit card payment anywhere Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay are accepted!  Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay are also available options.

You may be asked to verify your account information when you set up your account, so please have your account information in hand.

ApplePay Set Up

Add your FM BANK Debit Card on your iPhone within the Wallet app. Just tap the plus sign and follow the onscreen instructions. On your iPad, start by opening Settings, tap “Wallet & Apple Pay,” then tap “Add Credit or Debit Card.”

Be sure to make your FM BANK Debit Card is your default card! Learn more at

Google Pay Set Up

Download Google Pay app in Google Play store on your Android device. Open the Google Pay app and follow the setup instructions. If you have another payment app on your phone, make Google Pay the default payment app for easy access.

Learn more at Google Pay FAQs.

Samsung Pay Set Up

Find the app pre-installed on your Samsung phone or download from the Google Play store. Then, sign in to your Samsung account. Scan your fingerprint or iris and enter a pin to authenticate future purchases. Snap a picture of your card and sign where necessary. Your cards are securely backed up and can be restored with your Samsung account. Head over to your favorite store and see how easy it is to check out or add your card online via Samsung Internet.

Learn more on Samsung’s Website.



Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay are also available.