Home Equity Loans

Is a Home Equity Line of Credit Loan Right For You?

Home Equity Line of Credit

With a FM BANK Home Equity Loan, you’ll enjoy the convenience of affordable monthly payments over a fixed time period and you might be able to save even more by paying off higher interest obligations such as department store charges.

With our Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) you can use the equity in your home as a revolving line of credit. Once set up, a home equity line of credit can be used for items such as home improvements, home additions, or debt consolidation.  

Home Loan Options

  • Home loans
    • Property acquisition loans
    • Construction loans
    • In-house real estate loans
    • Secondary market residential real estate
    • First-time homebuyers loans
    • Rural Development loans
  • Home equity line of credit
  • Home improvement loans
  • MN Housing Fix Up Program

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To find out whether a home equity loan or line of credit would be a good fit for you, contact us today. 

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